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Of the umpteen enterprises we know of, how many operate to yield profit for their partner firms and customers? It may seem ludicrous to even ask this question, but surprisingly, the entrepreneur this story aims to uncover banks on just the idea to climb the ladder of success. Visham Sikand’s Plat5 Consultancy, which was established in 2007, is a ‘profit delivery’ company, the first and probably the only company in India to generate profit for its client company at zero cost. It’s almost like Sikand promises profit in return for profit. This he does by offering innovative concepts to customers of the client corporate company in return for a certain fee.
In less than two years, Sikand’s Plat5 has generated close to Rs100 crore as revenue, and has partnered with some of the biggest corporate groups across the world. The company has a complete monopoly over the concept and has already sold its novel ideas to over a million customers. Sikand is hopeful of drawing two million customers in a very short time. 
In the year following the set up of Plat5, Sikand also forayed into the sphere of medicine and established Indian Health Organisation (IHO) Pvt Ltd, the first company in India to launch ‘Health Plans’. With a network of more than 1,000 labs and doctors, the firm has already made its presence felt in a big way. 
“IHO network of doctors is bigger than most big standalone hospitals or labs in the country. The Health Plans it offers takes care of all the pre hospitalisation needs of a patient, especially those not covered by insurance. In last three months, IHO has tied up with some of the biggest corporate and insurance companies for its innovative launch,” said a proud Sikand. 
As for the plat5 products, they have been tried and tested and valued by over one million customers. The company has been able to efficiently meet the ever growing needs of the Indian masses by working towards providing lifestyle benefits like travel, vacation, dining, high-end merchandise and most importantly, health.
For the past two years, Sikand has directed his focus on the financial sector. But now, since the company has managed to secure a customer base of over one million, Sikand plans to head bang on towards other equally important sectors. 

“All of us have just one life. And I want to live mine with thrill and excitement. I had a clear understanding of my strengths and what I wanted to pursue. I waned to work on my own terms, and create wealth by means of my innate entrepreneurial skills. So here I am, doing exactly what I envisaged,” he said when asked why he chose to be an entrepreneur instead of opting for a regular 9-5 job.
He was ready to face challenges and overcome them too. One of the biggest hurdles Sikand successfully managed to get over was the downturn in the financial sector. “We kept focusing on the next step forward and did everything in our capacity to minimise risks,” said Sikand.
Plat5’s biggest achievement so far is to have emerged as a profitable enterprise for itself and the partner company as well. And this was possible only because of Sikand’s unique concept and his extraordinary ability to take the company miles ahead of the set goals.
Sikand was recently awarded for being the ‘Youngest Speaker’ at TIECON, where he guided other start ups on how to develop their ideas in an innovative way for a successful career as an entrepreneur. Plat5 has been featured by various media houses for its ‘true innovation’, but the most honourable of these has been the coverage given by CNBC.  
It is these achievements, the drive to create wealth and the positive feedback of the customers that have kept Sikand going through the ups and down of his entrepreneurial journey. But complacency was never for this biz mastermind. Sikand has a plethora of other plans that he hopes to implement to take his venture to greater heights. The foremost is to launch another new-age company. He also plans to cross the 100 crore turnover mark and ensure that IHO has a presence in about 30 cities in India, operating with a panel of more than 4,000 doctors.

Tips to budding entrepreneurs — Setting up an enterprise is just about fighting it out. One has to be prudent and unique to make it big.


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