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Eliminating Arthritis - Yes it can be done, I did it!

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n the world of regular medicine the belief is that they can help you with the symptoms of arthritis (or any other disease), but there is no cure. I didn't want to believe that, and I am proof of the fact that Arthritis can be overcome.
Fourteen years ago I had a surgery where I lost 40% of my blood. I woke up hurting all over, the pain from the surgery wasn't anything in comparison to the head to toe pain I was in. A few weeks after I got out of the hospital I went to my doctor and told him of the pain I was in. I thought that I had picked up some strange virus - he tested my blood and found that I had full-blown Rheumatoid Arthritis. Over the years previous to this I had little bouts of arthritis for a day or two usually in my shoulder or knee, but this time was different. I wasn't using the Christopher formulas back then like I do now, so for the first year I was going from one product to another trying to get relief. I honestly thought that I would end up in a wheelchair because I wasn't getting any better. I had gout so bad in my feet that I couldn't wear shoes, so I wore sandals or slippers. My hands were so swollen that I couldn't open or close my hands and my strength was nonexistent, I was dropping things all the time. My feet, ankles, knees, elbows, hands and back hurt all the time and I would get flare-ups in my jaw that would make eating very difficult because my teeth couldn't meet to chew.
After that terrible first year I went into my local health food store which specialized in the Christopher products and started on the road to healing. I began with the Jurassic Green which I thought was a funny product to be taking for this problem, but after the first week on this grass juice I was 50% better. The inflammation came way down in my hands and feet, the relief was incredible. I could always tell if I forgot to take it because my hands would swell up and remind me. Jurassic Green is one that I still take today even though the arthritis is gone. I have found that it helps keep Kidney Stones from forming and hay fever gets less and less severe every year that I stay on it.
The other two products that I started on were Complete Tissue & Bone Formula (capsules & ointment) and the Joint Formula. The thing about these two formulas is they have similar herbs in them, so I thought that possibly one of them could do the job alone. I would try Complete Tissue Formula alone and would still be in pain, then I would try just the Joint Formula alone and I was still in pain. I found that when I took both of them together they took care of the pain as well as the healing. For the first few years I took 3 to 4 capsules four times a day of both formulas and then over time was able to cut back until I didn't need them anymore.  I would add Dandelion capsules when the gout was really bad in my feet, it helped break up the uric acid crystals that made it feel as if I was walking on broken glass inside my feet. 
I also had to look at my diet and eliminated for the most part beef and sugar which seemed to be the two culprits that caused the most severe flare-ups. The herbal program was not an overnight program, or even a one month or a one year program. It took me a full four years to overcome arthritis 100%. I would talk to people during the this time about what I was doing and they would say you have been doing this for how long and aren't all better yet?? They didn't wait for the rest of the story and I'm sure that those people are still dealing with the same pain that they were in back then. After taking classes at The School of Natural Healing I learned that cleansing would have helped me to heal much faster, as described in Dr. Christopher's notes that follow below. My hope is that people will learn that they can overcome Arthritis or any other disease, and that the Christopher products make that healing possible.

Dr. Christopher answers the question about arthritis below, used by permission, The School of Natural Healing, Springville, Utah.

Eliminating Arthritis
Question: Can something be done besides just working on the effect of arthritis? Can't something be done to eliminate arthritis instead of just bringing temporary relief of pain?
Answer: Yes. Many people have had permanent relief from arthritis, not just temporary.
When we speak of arthritis we speak of a general term. Actually there are over forty different forms of this disease. They all stem back to a toxic condition of the body. The treatment of this condition must be from the point of reversing the cause by rebuilding the entire body to a higher nontoxic condition, as mentioned in the article on rebuilding and cleaning the bowel. It is inevitable that when an arthritic is badly constipated, the stiffness and pain are worse. The procedure is: (1) clean the bowel with
Lower Bowel Formula, and (2) detoxify the body by clearing the blood stream of poor blood with the Blood Stream Formula, and have a good powerful flow of healthy blood coursing through the body to deliver food to the area and carry off toxic waste. Use our arthritis formula [Joint Formula].

Cayenne should be used six days a week, each week of program. This herb is, as are the others, a food and not a drug. Work up to a teaspoon of Cayenne three times a day.
Apple cider vinegar and blackstrap molasses are also beneficial. Use a tablespoon of each in a glass of distilled water three times each day. Take a tablespoon or more of wheat germ oil three times a day.
Remember to drink no less than one gallon of pure steam-distilled water for a person 130 lbs. or over, every day (less or more, one ounce of distilled water to each pound the person weighs).
For severe and painful joints or areas, the use of Complete Tissue & Bone Formula is useful.... The reaction on arthritis is this: the Oak Bark is an astringent and tones up the area, and it is also high in Potassium Chloride to keep the fibrin in motion and not allow further deposit accumulations. The Mullein and Lobelia work on the glands and lymph system to keep the area clear and ready to carry off unwanted debris; Wormwood relieves pain; the Scullcap keeps the spinal cord alert and working smoothly to assist in body motion; Comfrey Root is a cell proliferant, causing the good cells to grow rapidly and push off the dead cells and unwanted accumulations (note that in the syrup and capsules Comfrey has been replaced with other herbs due to the FDA - if you would like to use the product with comfrey then order the bulk BF&C); Walnut Bark is high in iodide and is one of the few plants specific in clearing fungus and is extremely high in Potassium Chloride for the blood and lymph, Potassium Sulfate for skin and mucous membrane, and Potassium Phosphate for the brain and nerve food. The Gravel Root is a solvent to leach off the inorganic calcification (from tap water and processed foods, etc.) and make place for the organic calcium derived from the Comfrey, Oak Bark, and some of the other herbs used in this combination.
We use this formula Complete Tissue & Bone Formula (BF&C) as a fomentation over the painful areas, and if the case is severe, follow the fomentation procedure mentioned in Curing the Incurables. Some of this tea, a cup or more daily, is taken internally with good results.
To make the fomentation stronger simmer the strained tea down to 1/2 its original amount (called 3 power) or simmer down to 1/4 its original amount (called 7 power). If you wish to drink some of the concentrated tea, dilute it with distilled water. Drink a cup or more of this tea each day.
There are many other aids to help, but space does not allow more to be given to this subject. Never use dry heat for arthritis, always use moist heat such as a hot water bottle wrapped with a damp towel, fomentations, etc. Dry heat solidifies the inorganic minerals into place, while moist heat aids in dispersing them. [NL 1-1]
Jurassic Green is available in capsules and powder.
Complete Tissue and Bone Formula is available in capsules, syrup, ointment, oil and bulk cut and powder as BF&C.
Joint Formula is available in capsules and bulk powder as AR-1.
Lower Bowel Formula is available in capsules, extract and bulk powder as Fen LB.
Blood Stream Formula is available in capsules, extract and bulk powder as Red Clover Combination.

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Essential Oils for ADD/ADHD

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I want to tell people about a great little essential oil for ADD/ADHD that has been added to Herbs First web site. Attention Deficit Disorder is close to my heart since I raised a very rambunctious ADD boy who is all grown up, yay! We worked on diet and used herbs to get him through his school years and I was quite relieved when he graduated from high school. He got married in December to a great gal and they love each other very much.

In a two year study (1999-2001) Dr. Terry Friedmann M. D. found significant results when children with ADD/ADHD were administered therapeutic essential oils by inhalation. The study was on children between ages six to fourteen. Each group was pre-tested using a baseline evaluation with real time EEG and the T.O.V.A. Scale. Each subject was tested on each oil for 30 days and then reevaluated, and then another oil was used for 30 days and reevaluated, until each of the oils had been tested.

The oil was administered by inhalation 3 times per day for 30 days. An inhalation device was also used at night to administer a continuous inhalation of oil. The inhalation of the oils settled the children’s brain waves back to normal patterns and improved scholastic performance and behavioral patterns.
Lavender increased performance by 53%

Cedarwood increased performance by 83%

Vetiver increased performance by 100%

Vetiver Essential Oil Results with therapeutic-grade essential oils for ADD and ADHD may help with focus, learning, calming and grounding. I would certainly remove sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors, processed foods and high fructose corn syrup from the diet keeping in mind that diet is essential!

For my child I would use Vetiver on the bottom of both feet and especially the big toes, which is the brain reflex points, as well as on the temple area of the forehead and across the shoulders. I like to put about 10 drops of any carrier oil into my hand and add a few drops of the essential oil, mix and apply to the desired areas. I would diffuse the oil into the air at night. This is an easy and affordable alternative treatment for ADD/ADHD and would certainly be one to try on autistic children as well.

I would love to hear how Vetiver works for your kids.

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Let Foods Be Your Medicine

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The three herbs I am going to talk about are recognizable by most people as foods, confirming Dr. Christopher’s saying of “let foods be your medicine”.

Broad Bean is one that jumped out to me as I was not familiar with its medicinal use before adding the page. Broad Beans contain Lysine which helps to build immunity and combat and prevent fever blisters and herpes. Broad Beans contain L-dopamine, known to correct Parkinson's Disease and other shaking disorders. We have Broad Bean available in extract and bulk whole bean.

Beet root
I love “juicing” but often don’t have the time to prepare the vegetables, much less juice them. Green smoothies are a much quicker option for me. But sometimes my green smoothies end up being a rather unattractive unappetizing color. I have found a great solution to the color problem and have been adding Beet root powder to my smoothies. Beet root is rich in minerals: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, iodine, iron, manganese, chlorine, and copper, as well as traces of the rare metals rubidium and caesium; vitamins B1, B2, niacin, B6, B12, C, P, and beta carotene; flavonoids; and amino acids. I am adding a more palatable “color” to my smoothies as well as an abundance of nutrients. Beet root is available in bulk powder and vegicaps.
Acai Berry
Another single bulk herb that I like to add to my smoothies to improve
the color as well as nutrient value is Acai Berry powder, though more often I add it to my Jurassic Green concoction for the added flavor. Acai Berry may be the world’s most powerful anti-aging food. Acai Berries possess an unmatched ability to absorb free radicals that attack the body and contribute to the aging process and disease. High in Anthocyanins which have been shown to restore mental function, concentration, memory and mental clarity. Due to their ability to protect the brain from free radical damage and their support of healthy, cellular tissue growth, anthocyanins are reputed to be one of the most valuable anti-aging antioxidants known. Acai Berry is available in organic bulk powder and vegicaps.

I hope that you will enjoy using these foods as herbs as much as I do. Broad Bean, Beet root and Acai Berry are just a few of the great herbs that we have available at Herbs First.

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